Organize Android Apps with Aptly Named Apps Organizer

The good thing about smartphone applications is that they add extra tidbits of functionality to a handset. The not so good aspect is that adding tons of apps can overwhelm ¬†you from a user interface standpoint. Stock Google Android devices have a small number of “home” screens where you can place software shortcuts, for example. You could go old school and create home screen folders to contain apps, but that’s a pretty manual method. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were an app to easily organize your apps?

Android Guys points out that there is — it’s called Apps Organizer and it’s freely available in the Android Marketplace (s goog). With it, you’re essentially creating app folders, but with a twist. You can apply labels to your applications, which helps to automatically organize and group your handset software. Upon installation, Apps Organizer scans your Android device so it knows what apps you already have and lumps them together with standard labels like Android, Games, Internet and more. At that point, you can apply your own custom labels for organization. And adding a labels shortcut is a snap — just long press your home screen, choose shortcuts and you’ll see an option for Apps Organizer. Selecting it provides a list of your labels that can be added to your device.