Flickr4Twitter: Send Photos to Twitter and Flickr

Twitter’s most powerful — and largely unintended — success has been the ecosphere of third-party clients, applications, extensions and plugins that the service has enabled. One of the most ubiquitous extensions is Twitpic, a service that lets users post photos directly from their phones and computers to the web. Twitpic has enabled a form of photo-journalism that’s immediate and direct, but the service itself remains unsophisticated, lacking tools for analytics, location, sharing, archiving or metadata.

I have always wanted to post my Twitter photos to an existing, richer photo sharing site: Flickr (s yhoo). Recently, I’ve been trying out Steven Haddox‘s Flickr4Twitter, a service that does just that — and should be useful for budding photojournalists, nano-bloggers and celebrity spotters with

Currently in a public alpha-testing phase, the service allows Twitter clients to simultaneously post photos to a user’s Twitterstream and Flickr account, along with URLs generated by Flickr’s own recently-launched Short URLs service.

Using the service is simple:

  1. Create an account using the Sign In With Twitter option; your username will be your Twitter screenname.
  2. Authorize Flickr to use the service.
  3. Upload your photos using the web upload interface (kinda clunky) or Tweetie. Users of Tweetie 2 on iPhone can configure their client with a “URL Shortening API Endpoint” that sends photos to Flickr rather than Twitpic.
  4. That’s it!

The service works invisibly and seamlessly when using Tweetie 2 (see my samples) and means that my mobile photos are instantly shared with my Twitter followers, and are also available on the world’s favorite photo sharing service.

Head on over to Flickr4Twitter to try the service. Incidentally GDZLLA have also launched a competing service, but without Sign In With Twitter capability.

What do you think of this Twitpic alternative?