Launches Twitter Video Search

Twitter video service today launched a real-time search engine for videos shared on Twitter. Twitvid not only tracks videos shared through its own service, but any YouTube link shared on Twitter. The videos will be ranked by relevancy, timeliness and popularity. is one of many services that makes it easy for users to share videos on Twitter. In fact, the market for video micro-blogging via Twitter has become so crowded that at one point there were two services using the Twitvid moniker. The other Twitvid has since re-branded as and competes with 12seconds, Twiddeo, yfrog, Bubbletweet and others. Twitter video search could help separate itself from the competition — until others also jump on the real-time search bandwagon.

Real-time search has become especially hot ever since both Google (s GOOG) and Microsoft via Bing (s MSFT) said back in October that they would incorporate live tweets into their search results. Google and Bing both license Twitter’s so-called “Fire Hose,” meaning the companies get all tweets submitted to Twitter in real time.

Twitvid doesn’t license the Fire Hose, but it’s in a unique position because it has a lot of real-time data of its own. And Twidvid isn’t just trying to outsmart search bigwigs like Google and Microsoft; it’s also competing with similar offerings from Twitmatic and Oneriot, both of which we’ve covered before.

The company told us that it’s also launching advanced video analytics for its users today, as well as an odd feature called “virtual gifting” that sounds a lot like Facebook’s virtual gifts, but with video.

In related news, Imageshack’s yfrog Twitter video platform announced support for BlackBerry and Android smartphones late last week. Applications for BlackBerry OS 4.2 as well as Android 1.5 and 2.0 can be downloaded directly from yfrog’s web site.