Monty Python Giveaway: Make Us Laugh and Win DVDs!

We don’t do giveaways that often, but an opportunity like this was too good to pass up. We’ve received these DVD box sets, courtesy of A&E Home Entertainment, featuring the masters of sketch comedy, Monty Python:

  • The Complete Monty Python’s Flying Circus 16-ton Megaset
  • Monty Python: The Other British Invasion
  • The Personal Best of Monty Python

Apparently we’re not allowed to keep them, though, so that leaves us to figure out a way of deciding who gets dibs.

While we’ve written before about how the Python gang has remained fresh, relevant and web-savvy over the years, at some point the mantle of awesome will have to pass to someone else. So here’s our question for you, dear readers: Who would you consider to be the modern-day online equivalent of Monty Python? Could be a sketch comedy group, a consistently hilarious scripted web series, even an entire destination web site — really, it’s up to you, so long as you can support your argument.

Send us your ideas at info at newteevee dot com — or leave them in the comments of this post — before Dec. 22, when we’ll determine the winner. The writer of our favorite response will receive the Megaset, and two runners-up will get the other collections. (We can’t guarantee you’ll receive the DVDs by Christmas, but we’ll try to get them out before New Year’s.) The group or site being praised gets…well, they get praised.

So start thinking! As inspiration, we offer this: