Shooting Screen Captures With Snagit For Mac Beta

Working as a technical writer and writing for WebWorkerDaily mean I shoot a lot of screen captures to illustrate my documents and posts. I like my screenshot apps to offer flexible capture options and have a light footprint, but I hadn’t found a good one for my Macs (s aapl) yet.

Techsmith, the makers of applications including Jing (recently covered by Doriano), Camtasia and Snagit for Windows recently launched Snagit for Mac beta, the Mac version of its popular screen capture application that is pretty much a standard in the Windows (s msft) technical writing community. This new beta requires an Intel Mac running OS X Leopard or Snow Leopard.

After you install and it place it on your dock, you can access it from the right side of your desktop and from your Mac toolbar. It offers the following capture options:

  • All-in-One Capture for capturing the entire screen, a region, window, or scrolling window. This capture mode works differently than some other capture apps I’ve used previously, so I recommend testing it out for yourself prior to using it on a real project for the first time. It took me a couple of tries to get used to this mode.
  • Window Capture for capturing an application or browser window that is hidden behind other open windows or a transparency within an open window. I didn’t see where I would use this capture mode in my own my own work, especially after enjoying the flexibility of the All-in-One Capture mode.

While I did encounter some minor bumps in this beta product, I anticipate Snagit for Mac joining my regular Mac applications lineup because I found it easy to use and quite good performance-wise. I didn’t delve too far into Snagit for Mac’s tools, because I rarely need to add to or modify screen captures, outside of cropping. Effects aren’t yet available in the beta.

With the exception of InstantShot, I’ve been pretty underwhelmed with the state of Mac screen capture options, but Snagit for Mac won me over at the first screenshot with its ease of use and flexibility. I just hope that Snagit for Mac doesn’t go the way of its Windows cousin, which has suffered a good deal of bloat in its later releases.

Have you tried out Snagit for Mac beta? Share your experience below.