Bitgravity Co-Founder Gets Funding for New Crowdsourcing Venture

Bitgravity co-founder and former CTO Barrett Lyon has a new venture, which he recently introduced by announcing a round of funding from Kevin Rose, Jay Adelson, Storm Ventures and Greenwich Technology¬†Associates. Lyon wouldn’t give much in the way of detail on the new company, called 3Crowd, except to say that it would be focused on crowdsourcing information on the Internet.

“When you look at the crowdsourcing stuff that’s been going on, there’s quite a bit of power within massive groups of people,” Lyon said in an interview with NewTeeVee. However, he says that with currently available crowdsourcing ventures, there’s “no middle ground between crowdsourcing applications and full-on cloud services” that gather data.

3Crowd is based in San Mateo, Calif., and currently has about 10 employees, most of whom are engineers and some of which came from Wikia and According to Lyon, the company has a number of customers in beta tests already, even if the stealth startup isn’t ready to talk about its technology and won’t be announcing products until the first quarter of 2010.

Lyon has historically been focused on massive infrastructure-type projects, so expect more of the same. In addition to helping to build out the architecture of the Bitgravity CDN as its CTO, Lyon was behind the Opte Project, one of the earliest initiatives designed to map the global Internet.