Can the Cloud Help Drive Mobile TV Adoption?

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Globally, mobile TV buyers are a small population with just 115 million subscribers, according to Screen Digest. Compare that to 4.1 billion mobile phone subscriptions worldwide, and mobile TV is clearly a tough market.

I’m not sure that the new devices (pictured) that will offer free over-the-air television delivery of broadcast channels to be shown off in a few days at CES, or Qualcomm’s (s qcom) attempts to bring its MediaFLO television service to cars will make a dent in the apathy around mobile television. However, today we learned that Microsoft (s msft) is looking for someone to help it push its Xbox Live content to Windows Mobile phones, and last year AMD (s amd) showed off a cloud service designed to let folks take their games on the run. Comcast (s cmcsa) could also broaden its Xfinity service to allow me to bring my TV shows with me when I leave the house.

I wonder if these efforts from cable providers and content owners to deliver users’ content to them through the cloud, regardless of what screen or service they’re using, will drive adoption. Readers, what do you think?