Stickam to Open Its Pay-Per-View Service to All Users

Stickam was one of the early pioneers in allowing customers to charge for live streams of exclusive events, like concerts or investment seminars. But now it’s taking that technology and enabling all its users to add pay-per-view content directly through their channels.

For nearly 18 months, Stickam has offered a white-label, pay-per-view service to professional artists and video producers as a way to make money from live events on their own sites. Stickam’s Pay-Per-Live service has been used by artists such as Wynonna Judd and Cypress Hill’s B-Real to charge for live concert streams, and supermodel agent Paul Fischer has been utilizing it as a way to monetize seminars he gives online. The service has also become a part of pledge drives of charity organizations like the Ronald McDonald House.

Now, Stickam is bringing those capabilities back in-house and making the billing platform available to anyone that uses for live video streaming. By doing so, Stickam will not only expand the addressable customer base, but it will also help drive eyeballs to those pay-per-view live streams, which could increase visibility of those events.

According to Stickam CEO Steven Fruchter, the site delivers about 3 million to 3.5 million streams a day. Featured live recordings that appear on the companies front page generally generate about 40,000 views per hour.

The new PayPerLive feature will be automatically enabled for all user accounts, giving anyone with a Paypal account the ability to charge for live events or accept donations. In addition to charging for individual stream viewing, users will also be able to create levels of tiered access to content based on how much a viewer paid. So for instance, someone could charge viewers $25 for access to a live stream and $50 to be able to interactive with the producer of the live event. Stickam will take a 30 percent cut of all revenues generated from the service.

The new functionality will go live in early January, right around the same time that will begin offering its own pay-per-view service. But while Stickam will give the capability to all of its users next month, plans to focus initially on a few major broadcasters, with a full rollout expected in the second quarter of 2010.