Google Nexus One Impresses, But I’m Still Hoping for More

Image Credit: Nexus One Blog

Although tomorrow is the expected official launch of Google’s Nexus One (s goog) handset, a few lucky folks already have the product. Both Engadget and the Nexus One Blog shared hands-on video and review impressions over the weekend, but initial thoughts actually seem varied. Engadget doesn’t seem to think that the experience is all that much faster than that of a Motorola Droid (s mot). I also noticed a few crashes with the new “Live Wallpaper” feature. On the other hand, you’re hard pressed to see any negative bits in the Nexus One Blog review, although that piece also mentions the same crashes.

At this point, given all that we know and have seen so far, I’m 90-percent sure that I’ll be adding a Nexus One to my gear bag this week. The growth, momentum and maturity of Android makes it appealing as a good tool for my tasks. I’m going to hedge my bets and buy it unlocked without a two-year commitment, however. I really don’t want yet another long term contract, for starters. I’m also giving my Palm Pre a bit of breathing room in case there are major developments coming from Palm (s palm) at CES. Ideally, I’d like a no-commitment data-only plan with the Nexus One because I use data far more than voice these days. And that gets me into what I hope to hear from Google at tomorrow’s press event — something other than the cellular status quo.

The whole idea of the Nexus One working with just a single phone plan as many have reported just doesn’t seem… Google-ish to me, for lack of a better term. It could well turn out that way tomorrow, and if it does, it won’t change my mind. But Google has the potential to do so much more to change the carrier landscape. I’m really hoping they announce an upcoming firmware update that ties a Google Voice number to Gizmo for true VoIP calling without a voice plan.

Those are my plans and thoughts on the Nexus One — which are subject to change tomorrow, of course. 😉 What about you? Is this a must-have bit of hardware or are you put off by the anticipated $530 unlocked price and/or $180 cost with commitment?