Rumor Has It: Are These the Specs for the Apple Tablet?

File this one under “seriously not likely,” but for what it’s worth, a site called is showing off images it says are of a leaked document that details the hardware specifications of Apple’s (s aapl) upcoming tablet. The iSlate moniker is used, but there are a number of elements that suggest you might not want to bet the farm on the credibility of this particular source.

The specs themselves aren’t all that suspect, and in fact could be quite representative of what the actual hardware will look like when it is eventually released, though it’s not quite as impressive as video. But there are a couple odd usages of terms and some specs that seem outdated, which alone could just mean the document itself is rather old, but taken with the other oddities seem much more suspect.

The hardware details of the tablet read more like an entry-level MacBook than an upgraded iPod touch, and include a 2.26GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and support for up to 8GB of RAM, with 2GB built-in to the base configuration. There’s also a 120GB 4200 RPM SATA HDD, which strikes me as a particularly odd choice for what is presumably meant to be a thin and light portable device.

Other hardware niceties include two USB 2.0 ports, an SD card slot, built-in speakers and mic and a combined digital/headphone out and line in like that found on the newest MacBook Pros. The screen is listed as 7.1 inches and boasts the same oleophobic coating found on the iPhone 3GS.

But here’s where it gets weird. In addition to the built-in iSight (not weird), there’s a built-in projector listed too (very weird). And the Airport Extreme is said to be based on the 802.11n draft specification, when we all know that specification was finalized in September. Also, no mention is made of 3G connectivity, something which has beenĀ making the rounds recently.

Maybe most interesting of all, and possibly most damning, is the news that the new tablet will run “Mac OS X Clouded Leopard,” a modified version of Snow Leopard designed specifically for the platform that uses widgets and can download and run App Store software. Also, this is minor, but there’s a missing period at the end of one of the bullet points on the document describing “Clouded Leopard,” and in another one the words “Up” and “to” aren’t separated by a space. Could just be bad proofing or the document is an early draft, but it’s enough to raise my suspicion level.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Apple will go this way with its new wonder device, or stick to more of a iPod touch/iPhone hardware format?