Seesmic Acquires to Post to More Social Services

Seesmic, in its efforts to be the Grand Central Station for social network updates, has “acq-hired” Where Seesmic has mostly focused on the ability to consume social web information on various platforms — Android, BlackBerry, web, Windows Silverlight and Adobe Air — supports a variety of posting options — by email, SMS and chat, and to 50 social networks. (Seesmic previously only supported Twitter and Facebook.)

Tulsa, Okla.-based only had two employees, co-founders Adam Duffy and Sean McCullough, who will keep on working on the product for Seesmic. The company had raised angel funding last year from Reid Hoffman and Joi Ito.

Seesmic has “hundreds of thousands” of daily users and more than 3.5 million app downloads to date, said CEO Loic Le Meur. With’s 500,000 registered users and thousands of sign-ups per day, Seesmic expects to have more than 1 million users later this year, Le Meur said. Asked how the acquisition will help Seesmic monetize, Le Meur responded, “Given our funding, we are in no rush to monetize and focus on the market share, but we will start monetizing in 2010 with both nonintrusive advertising and premium services, on the successful Evernote model.”

Seesmic’s previous acquisition, of Twitter client Twhirl, had helped the company gain a user base and add major functionality — before that it had been a video Twitter. The company has raised $12 million from investors including Omidyar Network and Wellington Partners.