Finding Creative Outlets and Stress Relief

Running a business is stressful, not just occasionally, but every day. There are so many balls to keep in the air at any given point, and at times like these, when holidays have passed and you’re trying to resume the rhythm of a routine, it’s a good time to figure out ways to incorporate downtime and breaks into your days.

As enjoyable as the holiday season can be, it’s also a hectic time filled with demands that can exceed even your busiest days at work. On top of that, it can be hard to let go of work, and there’s often a little nagging voice reminding you of what will be waiting for you on your return. When the first weeks of the new year arrive, it’s easy to feel jet lagged and sleep deprived, wishing that you had time for a vacation from the vacation!

It’s a lot easier to realize the need for downtime and rest during times like these, but it’s just as important to routinely get time away from work and daily stresses well after putting away the Christmas ornaments.

A creative outlet or some form of physical activity can be just the remedy for stress-filled days, so why not take the time to plan for some fun activities away from the office?

Get a Hobby

There are so many ways to blow off steam. It can be as simple as a daily walk, but you might also enjoy:

  • Joining an acting, photography or painting class at a local college.
  • Baking or cooking something special each day.
  • Gardening or visiting nature centers in your area.
  • Dancing or taking a dance class.
  • Exercising or bike-riding.
  • Swimming, rowing or simply being near water.
  • Reading or starting/joining a book club.
  • Hiking, jogging or preparing for a marathon.
  • Sewing, crocheting, pottery-making or painting.
  • Spending time outdoors or with your pets.

The options are truly endless, but the important thing is making sure to reserve time for it every single day, so be sure to find something that’s accessible and convenient so that you’ll actually commit to it and make it part of your routine.

Schedule It In

The New Year is here, and it’s the perfect time to set your intentions and make room for those things that are most important to you, and taking time for yourself to unwind and take your mind off work should be at the top of your list. If you’re not taking care of yourself, you’re not operating at your best, which can actually take away from the attention you provide your life and business.

Reserve time now for yourself and activities that will rejuvenate you and help you bring the highest level of energy and clarity to your business.

How do you unwind and decompress from the stresses that can come with running a business?

Image from Flickr by lepiaf.geo