Michael Cera and the Jersey Shore Cast Kick It for Youth in Revolt Promotion [VIDEO]

Michael Cera with "Snooki" and "Sammi." Photo courtesy of dvDepot.

The upcoming Michael Cera film Youth in Revolt, opening tomorrow in theaters, isn’t your typical teen comedy, at least judging by the trailer. So how do you get teenagers to see it? Hitch the Michael Cera star to one of the biggest teen trends going today — Jersey Shore — for a series of ads that will run tonight between commercial breaks of the much-buzzed-about reality series.

Video from the ads, which were produced by Partizan Entertainment for the Weinstein Company and crewed by dvDepot, has been leaked in advance onto Bing (although, sadly, it’s not embeddable).

The concept is simple — Cera gets a dance lesson from the Jersey Shore cast, gets his hair blown out by Pauly D into the self-professed guido’s signature coif, and then hangs out in a hot tub. It’s a fun spin on Cera’s literally buttoned-up image, but just another day for the Jersey Shore kids, who are now professional partiers — when they’re not soliloquizing Shakespeare-style.