Google Brings ‘Fast Flip’ To The Google News Home Page

Google (NSDQ: GOOG) is giving its Fast Flip experiment — which provides a way for people to easily skim through news content online in a way that is supposed to replicate the process of reading articles in print — much more prominence. Five months after its debut, the service has been added to the bottom of the Google News home page, so that readers can quickly browse through groups of stories, including those that are “most viewed” and most “recent.” Previously, Fast Flip was only featured in Google’s experimental Google Labs page.

The change isn’t surprising. Back in December when Google added 24 additional publishers to Fast Flip, the company told us it was testing ways to integrate Fast Flip with Google News. Still, it’s a sign that Google considers the program to have been somewhat of a success. As the company says in a blog post, “so far we’ve found that the speed and visual nature of the service encourages readers to look at many articles and, for the ones that catch their interest, click through to the story publishers’ websites.”