Dr. Horrible’s Commentary! The Musical Makes it Onto iTunes

We love us some Dr. Horrible, so we’ve been wondering if the commentary tracks from the video — which had previously been unavailable except on its DVD — would ever make their way to some sort of digital distribution. And now, thanks to a tweet by Horrible co-writer Maurissa Tancharoen, we’ve learned that Commentary! The Musical was just released on Apple’s iTunes.

Back when the DVD came out, we called the commentary musical the “centerpiece” of the disc. “Redefining post-modernism… Commentary! is actually a fun, behind-the-scenes glimpse of the production, heavily laced with inside jokes set to music very nearly as good as that in the actual production,” Liz Shannon Miller wrote in her review. And now it can all be yours, for just 99 cents a track or $9.99 for the whole shebang.

Of course, we’re not sure how many hardcore fans there are out there who would actually pay ten bucks for the commentary tracks by themselves, particularly when the whole DVD sells on Amazon.com for 50 cents less. But then, that’s probably why they’re called hardcore fans.