Vid-Biz: Project Canvas, DISH Network, FX

Canvas’ Biggest Threat Is Happening In Las Vegas Right Now; the BBC’s biggest challenge for its set-top-box project may be winning over TV makers who are already launching their own standards and services for internet-based content. (paidContent)

DISH Network Goes Over the Top with NeuLion; the companies announced a multi-year partnership to distribute certain DISH Network international channels using NeuLion’s television broadband service to consumers without access to satellite TV. (Broadband TV News)

FX Near TV Deal for Avatar; News Corp. is near a deal to sell the commercial TV rights to Avatar to cable network FX, with a price tag that could be north of $25 million over several years. (LA Times)

Panasonic CTO: We Need 3DTV to Pull Out of Slump; Eisuke Tsuyuzaki said Panasonic and other industry manufacturers are banking on the revenue opportunity represented by 3DTV. (Multichannel News)

LG Adds Orange Content to French TVs; the companies have signed a three-year deal to offer a content and services portal for LG internet-enabled TVs to be sold in France. (paidContent:UK)

Intel CEO Says Soon We’ll All Be Making 3-D Videos; Paul Otellini said 3-D technology will filter into the mainstream, turning us all into 3-D videographers. (VentureBeat)

RealD Aligns with Sony, JVC, Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic and DIRECTV for 3-D TV; the company announced agreements with top consumer electronics makers to support the stereoscopic RealD Format for the delivery and display of high definition 3-D in the home. (press release)

Canal+ Preps 3-D Channel; French premium TV broadcaster is preparing the launch of a dedicated 3D channel later this year, with some trials already taking place. (Broadband TV News)