Greener Electronics Guide Update

The Greenpeace “Guide to Greener Electronics” that I wrote about last week has just been updated and the 14th Edition is now available.

What’s changed? Apple (s aapl) has improved its ranking, thanks mainly to removing toxic chemicals from its products. Sony (s sne) also climbed the rankings, having reported a 17 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions between 2000 and 2008 and ensured that 8 percent of its power comes from renewable resources (an increase from 2.5 percent just one year ago) as well as boosting its use of recycled plastics.

Samsung has slipped from its top three position and now lags behind Toshiba and Phillips. Samsung, along with competitors Dell (s dell), Lenovo and LGE were penalized for failing to meet their promised deadlines for phasing out toxic chemicals in their products by the start of 2010.

For full details, download the guide.