Introducing GigaOM Pro’s Analyst Relations Program

From the time Gideon Gartner launched his technology market research company in 1979, his namesake and others have created hugely successful businesses by offering syndicated market research and advisory services to companies large and small in order to help them navigate the unpredictable waters of IT. The result has been a multibillion-dollar technology market research industry whose business model has, for the most part, remained largely unchanged.

But change is in the air. The arrival of the Social Web has enabled analysts to engage with clients directly, establishing themselves as brands in their own right. Here at GigaOM, we wondered what could be achieved if a new research business was built without the legacy of a traditional technology market research model developed over 30 years ago.

This thinking led to our launch of seven months ago of our research service, GigaOM Pro. This research-driven platform, which allows informed insiders, our community of readers and our network of analysts, editors and reporters to engage with one another on an ongoing basis has been hugely successful, and counts among its customers some of the largest technology companies in the world. But now we think the market is ripe for even more change.

To that end, today we launched our new Analyst Relations Program. Designed to fully leverage GigaOM Pro’s interactive platform, the program gives analyst relations professionals a way to access our research and enables them to engage in substantive dialogue about important issues to their company and about their industry.

It does so by providing free individual GigaOM Pro accounts — in other words, free access to all of our research –- to verified analyst relations professionals. Included in the account is a public-facing profile page, where they can showcase their comments on the research and interact with Pro analysts and subscribers. It’s all part of our belief in Metcalfe’s law. Indeed, the network effect of growing our research and insights community increases the value for all involved.

If you’re an analyst relations professional interested in applying to our program, check out the Analyst Relations page or this handy set of FAQs. And if you’re not an analyst but are interested in our research and the great community we’re building, head on over to GigaOM Pro and become a subscriber today.