Android? Google Will Search Your BlackBerry, Too

The tight Google (s goog) integration with Android apps can now be enjoyed to a degree by BlackBerry (s rimm) owners with a new version of the Google Mobile App. Google has added the ability to search the contacts and messages on a BlackBerry using the app. Just type in the query — or better yet, say it — and Google will return all contacts and messages that contain the search term.

Taking action on searched item is only a click away — either calling a contact or replying to an email. Note that all searching is done on the handset; the app does not send any of your personal information to Google. If you’d rather not search your information, and I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t, you can turn this off in the app’s options section.

The app will suggest contacts in your list as you type names, refining the returned contacts as the letters are entered. A very cool function promotes frequently contacted people to the top of this search list.

To grab the app just visit on your BlackBerry. Thanks to the Google Mobile Blog for pointing this new version out.