Official MobileMe Gallery iPhone App Released by Apple

Apple (s aapl) released a dedicated MobileMe iDisk appĀ not too long ago for those of us who stubbornly continue to pay good money for a subscription, but iDisk, as the app is called, is really just a file manager and nothing more. Today, Apple unveiled another MobileMe-specific iPhone application, this one called Gallery (iTunes link). You can probably guess what it does.

Gallery allows you to browse your MobileMe photo galleries, something you aren’t able to access using iDisk. The app has all the polish and intuitive UI design you’d expect from Apple, and it keeps things simple and to the point. Even if you’re an avid MobileMe Gallery user with many albums, you should have no trouble browsing through albums and finding specific photos.

My problem is, as you may notice from the screenshots, I’m not really an avid user of the Gallery feature of MobileMe. In fact, I had to upload a new album (“Dogs”) for the purpose of this post, having only had my Random one from before, with a grand total of four photos. Even using established platforms like Facebook and Flickr, I tend not to have or share too many pictures.

That said, I like the way the MobileMe Gallery app works on my iPhone, and can see how it would be great in conjunction with iPhoto for both backing up and making it easy to share photos from events like family get-togethers and birthdays, etc. That way, I could store a lot less photos on my iPhone’s camera reel, and basically carry around my entire library in my pocket for showing off to friends and relatives anywhere I have Internet access.

A feature that’s very promising is the ability to configure Safari to open MobileMe Gallery links directly in the app, sort of the way the new Facebook uses “fb://” links to open its own application. I say promising because although it seems terribly convenient, especially if you do a lot of mobile browsing, which I do, I’ve never actually visited another person’s MobileMe gallery in my entire year and a bit of being a subscriber.

It wouldn’t be the first time an iPhone app has resulted in me actually using a service I never thought I would, and it likely won’t be the last, either. Plus it’s free, though you have to have a MobileMe subscription to use it, but it does help justify the cost of that by another couple of degrees. Good news for suckers like me.