TeuxDeux: A Simple and Elegant To-do Service

Recently, I’ve been pondering the role that lists play in my life — from Twitter’s “playlists of people” to Umberto Eco’s thoughts on lists as a cultural tool for “facing infinity” to my own ideas about the use of “someday list” for lingering tasks — which should perhaps never be part of to-do lists anyway.

So it was with great excitement that I found Digitizd’s recent post, “9 Tools for Simple Productivity,” which highlights Fictive Kin‘s TeuxDeux, a bare-bones, elegantly designed and eminently usable list-based task manager, which also incorporates a “someday list.” (The post also discusses Ommwriter, a tool that was recently covered here at WWD).

TeuxDeux orients the user around days of the week, rather than the traditional task and priority view of most to-do applications. Each day is displayed as a column on a horizontally scrolling carousel; underneath each day is a simple text field and a list of things to do that day.

The simplicity and elegance of the user experience is striking and immediate — a running list of days, one-click editing and a separate list of “someday” tasks.

[vimeo 8080943]

Though the user experience and clean design is wonderful, TeuxDeux is missing a few useful features — a mobile app or desktop widget would be useful, and I would like to see a lightweight API, or even an RSS feed. It seems however, that the constrained feature set is actually part of the value of TeuxDeux and such distraction-free and simplicity-driven applications are always welcome with its team.

Coincidentally, I just discovered that Netscape luminary Marc Andressen practices a 3 x 5 To Do List” methodology, writing out three tasks he wishes to accomplish each day, constraining his goals to only those with the highest importance.

Such boundaries and constraints could actually enhance services such as TeuxDeux even further, so I’m looking forward to seeing how the service develops and, in turn, how it affects my own productivity.

Do you use TeuxDeux? Does the constrained feature set enhance its value?