VLAB: Data Exhaust Alchemy: Turning the Web’s Waste Into Solid Gold

The Internet — notably social media — creates mountains of random, unstructured, and sometimes ephemeral data by-products. With every exchange, traces of information, or what we at VLAB like to call “Data Exhaust,” are left behind. But one person’s trash is another’s treasure. When correlated or combined, these snippets can provide insight into political views, purchasing behaviors, and demographics, pinpointing trendsetters and leading indicators. Brilliant innovators now aggregate and analyze this data to create new products and services. On Jan. 19, VLAB will bring together experts, entrepreneurs and investors to explore business opportunities harnessing Data Exhaust. The event reception will be held at the Stanford Business School’s Arbuckle Lounge, and the presentation and panel discussion in the Bishop Auditorium. We hope you can join us!