Broadband Content Bits: TV Metrics, Slicethepie Band, BT Football

TV viewing: Look out, BARB – TV overnights are no longer the sole determinant of a show’s popularity. BBC Vision director Jana Bennett writes that TV viewing is growing: “A staggering 2.6 million people recorded Doctor Who on a PVR to watch at their convenience and 1.4 million watched it on the BBC iPlayer. These new ways of watching can add anything up to 40 percent to viewing figures.”

Slicethepie band: Fan-funding music site Slicethepie, which had gone rather quiet, has had another band signed to a label. WMG’s Atlantic get Scars On 45. Fans had “invested” £15,000 in the act, allowing it to record an album, and will get an 800 percent profit because on-site “shares” in the band had risen five-fold prior to it signing, the site explains.

BT (NYSE: BT) football: The telco says BT Vision would offer Sky Sports packages costing from “somewhere in the mid teens”, if it wins an Ofcom ruling in the regulator’s forthcoming pay-TV wholesale review: “a massive discount compared to the minimum £25.50 Sky charges its customers for Sky Sports 1”. Via