NewNet Q4: Partnerships Set Stage for Growth

Surveying the body of web-related news in the fourth quarter of 2010, our GigaOM Pro team finds the most significant developments were the partnerships that NewNet companies struck between each other.

In the fourth quarter, the giants and the social supersites hooked up — Twitter scored paid deals to provide real-time tweets to Google and Microsoft, and Yahoo pre-announced plans to link up with Facebook Connect — while startups set the stage for the next waves of innovation — for instance OneRiot providing real-time ads to Digsby.

Meanwhile, Google repeatedly indicated that its pocketbooks are open for M&A — and while a Yelp deal didn’t come to fruition, a smaller buy of web collaboration startup AppJet did, not to mention larger purchases in other sectors like AdMob in mobile advertising. With the fourth quarter setting the stage, there are clearly more exits to come in 2010.

The Pro team sees big opportunities from application platforms getting more social, personalized and real time — with examples in social TV, music, smart metering and job search. However a major stumbling block for the sector, even as  broadband download and upload speeds improve, is latency.

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