Statshot: Conan Wins the Week in Tweets

Even if he doesn’t have the support of NBC (s GE), Conan O’Brien has the support of the Internet, leading the charge as the most-talked-about television personality for the past week, according to Trendrr.

Conan collected 215,145 tweets for the week, with a peak of 51,843 tweets on Tuesday, Jan. 12 — the same day that he sent out a statement declining NBC’s offer to move The Tonight Show to 12:05 instead of 11:35. Jay Leno was the third most-tweeted about TV topic for the week, with a total of 91,035 posts all week and a peak of 19,336 posts on Thursday, Jan. 14.

Not everyone was talking about the late-night drama going on between Conan and Leno, however. The Gleeks came out in full force when news of a second season of Glee broke early in the week. The show was tweeted about 98,067 times during the week, with a high of 29,715 on Monday. And Jersey Shore also did well, as viewers tweeted 35,007 times on Friday, and 66,254 times during the week.

It was also a big week for football, as the NFL playoffs were in full effect. If tweets translated into points, the Dallas Cowboys might have had a fighting chance against the Minnesota Vikings. Instead, the team’s embarrassing loss led to an outcry on Twitter — with 111,966 tweets on Sunday and a weekly total of 147,718. The Saints were second, with a peak of 57,023 on Saturday — the day of their game — and 120,664 in total. The Vikings were third, with 82,056 posts on Sunday and 100,236 total, and the Chargers came in fourth, with 74,073 posts throughout the week and 55,743 on Sunday. Fifth and sixth were the Colts, with 74,025 during the week and a peak of 47,059 on Sunday, and the Jets, with 72,001 for the week and a peak of 28,355 during their win on Sunday, who will play each other next week in the AFC Championship game.