Take Our Mobile Tech Survey: Win $50 to Amazon

UPDATE: Thanks so much to the hundreds of people who took our survey! We’ve closed the survey and will be sending gift certificates to two lucky winners shortly. Stay tuned to the summary of the report that we’ll be sending out shortly!

Here at TheAppleBlog, we think our readers are some of the best leading indicators of what will happen in the tech world, be it for Apple products or technology in general. With this in mind, we wondered what would happen if we asked you your thoughts about tech products such as smartphones and web tablets.

So here it is, a short survey asking about just that. We also think you would love to see the results, so if you take the survey, we’ll send you an executive summary of the report we’ll produce for GigaOM Pro, and we’ll also be posting some results on The AppleBlog as well. And if that doesn’t compel you, if you take the survey you might win one of two $50 Amazon gift certificates we’ll be giving away to those who take the survey.

And just so you know, these results are only going to be used for this survey and analysis for a report (which you’ll get the summary results for in PDF), and nothing else.

So head on over, take the survey. It’ll only take a few minutes. You’ll also get some interesting analysis as well as maybe some free Amazon $.