White House Launches iPhone App In Time To Watch State Of The Union

The White House has launched an iPhone application, which is consistent with President Obama’s mission to create a more open and transparent government. But if you have anything other than an iPhone, you are going to have to wait.

The White House did not say any other applications for other platforms are in the works (despite Obama’s known love for the BlackBerry), and instead said it will launch a new mobile web version of the White House website at mobile.WhiteHouse.gov, which will be optimized for a number of phones. Release.

The White House said that the application was important because “Mobile internet access is an important way Americans are staying informed.” The iPhone app is very much an extension of the White House’s website, including access to the White House Blog and the Briefing Room. There will also be behind-the-scenes photos and videos, including speeches, press briefings and special events. To kick things off, iPhone users will be able to access next week’s State of the Union speech.