Comcast Adds Antivirus to Its Broadband Package

Updated: Comcast (s cscma) said today that it will bundle a subscription to Norton’s antivirus software for its business and residential broadband customers, adding yet another perk for broadband subscribers. Residential subscribers can install it on up to seven computers and business customers can put the software on up to 25. As competition for broadband heats up in some markets, and providers attempt to lure customers, the nature of what a broadband subscriber should expect is changing.

Online storage, anitvirus, Wi-Fi, better upstream speeds and even special content — such as Verizon (s vz) delivering ESPN360 — are now offered to customers with regularity. Of course, if your provider is still in the broadband dark ages like mine is, you’re not getting any of these options. Readers, please check out our poll, and tell us what do you expect from your provider, and what do you get?