HTC Pulls Plug on Google Tablet

Eyes are looking toward Apple (s aapl) and the expected tablet announcement that has everyone all a-twitter (except Twitter folks as it’s down a lot) but there was another tablet in the works that wasn’t being discussed as much. The folks at HTC and Google (s goog) have been working on a tablet of their own, at least until recently. HTC and Google collaborated successfully on the Nexus One Android phone, and they were also working on a tablet that would run the Chrome OS. Reports have come in that HTC sales and marketing director, Anthony Petts, has stated that HTC is halting all work on the Google tablet.

According to Petts, HTC will concentrate on its forte making smartphones, and not look at the tablet market. Work on the tablet had reportedly been taking place for as long as 18 months, and a few prototypes supposedly had been produced. Word on the street had the HTC / Google tablet running the Qualcomm (s qcom) Snapdragon processor, and one model was said to be running the Chrome OS, even though it won’t be released until late this year.