Seesmic’s BlackBerry Twitter Client

The BlackBerry apps (s rimm) I use for Twitter activities generally do a fine job. I use the no-frills Blackbird for its performance and Ubertwitter for its features. Still, I watch out for new Twitter apps because innovation knows no end and developers find ways to make an app more usable and faster.

Seesmic, known for its desktop and web-based Twitter apps, recently updated its feature-rich Seesmic for BlackBerry client, which was first released late last year. It has potential, despite several uncooperative features.

The Good

Twitter has added a few new features since we published our roundup of free BlackBerry Twitter apps, such as lists and saved searches. Seesmic includes both in its BlackBerry app.

Twitter Lists in Seesmic BlackBerry

Any saved searches you have on your Twitter account appears in the Seesmic menu, a feature not present in Ubertwitter. You can also save new searches in Seesmic, which are carried over to your Twitter account.

Seesmic BlackBerry shows saved searches

Seesmic’s search, reply and all other basic features get the job done, taking about the same time and effort as in the average BlackBerry Twitter tool. You can “Quote” someone’s tweet, which is an editable retweet, or select “RT” to automatically retweet a message without edits. Seesmic comes with picture previews in the timeline when someone links a picture using yFrog, Twitpic and tweetPhoto. However, previews appear to be limited to these three services because images from Flickr and don’t appear in the timeline.

The Bad

A video on Seesmic’s web site shows how its notifications work, which should let you know when you receive @replies and direct messages. Notifications never worked for me. To be fair, I ruled out the possibility that it was the fault of my BlackBerry Curve 8310 or my AT&T (s t) network by verifying that notifications worked in Ubertwitter — and they did.

Seesmic appears in the camera’s photo viewer menu, but sending a photo using this option did not work for me, even though it spends a long time uploading the photo. Nothing happens. No URL to the photo appears. Next, I tried posting the photo using all of the three available photo services and none worked. I even took a photo from within Seesmic and that failed, too. Again, I switched over to Ubertwitter and tested the same feature at the same time using tweetPhoto to send a photo — and it worked.

I mentioned both issues on Twitter and someone from Seesmic responded saying the features worked fine for him. I kept trying over several days and saw no change. If you have a different BlackBerry and/or network, you still might have better luck with Seesmic for BlackBerry. It’s a free app, so doesn’t cost you anything but time to try it. If all the features had worked, it’d definitely be a viable option for those seeking a feature-rich Twitter application for BlackBerrys.

Which mobile Twitter application do you use, and why?