Broadband Content Bits: BT Fibre, Embarrassing Bodies, Pirate Anonymity, Radio Apps, BSkyB/ITV

BT (NYSE: BT) fibre: BT has launched a fibre-to-the-cabinet consumer broadband service, Infinity, offering up to 40Mbps starting at £19.99 a month. Most homes can already get up to 8Mbps over copper wire, some of those can get up to 20 Mbps through ADSL2+; BT says four million homes will have the Infinity option by December 2010, and 10 million homes (40 percent of UK) by mid-2012. It’s spending £1.5 billion on this fibre rollout to local cabinets and homes, but wants public funds to reach the rest.

Embarrassing Bodies: C4 will do live 20-minute, web-only versions of one of its favourite shows, including viewer interaction through polls and tweets, immediately after TV transmission no February 10. Viewers will be invited to check their testicles and breasts for lumps at their PC screens, before a discussion of the findings with medical experts.

Pirate anonymity: Sweden’s IPRED law may have discouraged six out of 10 pirates by forcing ISPs to cough up freeloaders’ identities, but now The Pirate Bay is offering pirates anonymity again – for a price. It’s launched it’s Ipredator VPN service, guaranteeing anonymous surfing (hence, no threat from Ipredator) for