GoToMy PC for the Mac

In looking towards some potential 2010 project opportunities, remote access to one or more of the Macs (s aapl) in my home office could very well become a requirement for me. Even if these potential projects hadn’t hit my radar, enabling remote access to my primary Mac machine has been something I’d like to achieve.

Citrix Online — best known for Windows-based (s msft) web conferencing and remote access tools — recently brought out GoToMy PC for the Mac. It’s available with a 30-day free trial, plus a range of pricing, depending on your needs.

Installing GoToMyPC on your Mac

Installing GoToMyPC on my MacBook Pro running OS X Snow Leopard was straightforward. The installation routine even does a good job of having you set an access code (different than your GoToMyPC login) for accessing the Mac remotely. With this install, you are setting up your Mac as the remote host — you’ll be logging into this machine from another one.

One thing I found strange was that after installing the software, it joins your system preferences. However, clicking on the GoToMyPC icon in system preferences only produces a button for uninstalling it from your Mac. This was kind of confusing, because I was expecting some configuration tools, and it seems to break from accepted Mac standards.

To remotely access your host, you’ll need to be at a client computer (any computer other than the host you just set up) and you will need to know your email address, password and access code.

Accessing your Host PC Remotely

I give Citrix Online top marks for the browser-based experience for accessing your Mac through GoToMyPC. To access your host computer, you just go to, enter your email and password and click “Log In.” GoToMyPC can handle more than one account per email address.

You then have to enter your access code for the host. Click OK, and then the desktop of your host Mac appears in the Viewer. This means you are live on your host machine and able to work on it just like you were sitting in front of it. While writing this post, I was able to access my MacBook Pro running OS X Snow Leopard from a PC running Windows XP SP3. The one thing I didn’t have a chance to test wass accessing my Mac from a PC sitting inside a corporate firewall.

Have you tried out GoToMyPC for the Mac? Share your experience below.