iPad Accessories Detailed: Keyboard Dock, Case & More

During today’s unveiling of Apple’s long-awaited tablet, now officially known as the iPad, Steve Jobs also briefly detailed a couple of accessories that will be making their way to market to go with the new 9.7-inch device, one of which is a keyboard dock, with another being a protective case.

The keyboard dock not only acts as a charging station for the iPad, but as the name suggests also offers an integrated full-sized keyboard. Jobs commented on stage that the need for a specific physical keyboard, versus that of the iPad’s on-screen offering, is useful for when “you really need to do a lot of typing”; giving the example “if you’ve got to write War & Peace, just plug your iPad in.”

Apple has also since added that the keyboard dock features the typical 30-pin connector, which will allow for the device to sync to your PC or Mac while still docked. The inclusion of the 30-pin connection also means that other compatible devices can of course be attached. The dock also has an audio-jack so you can plug-in your speakers and enjoy a more full-on experience.

So, with Apple making it easy to plug-in a keyboard and speakers, it seems they are really hoping this device, with the help of accessories, can replicate a typical home experience, when required. However, it’s clear that one thing is missing; the mouse. Of course, Apple showing no pointing device is very-intentional, but without having that established and common set-up would you be willing to switch away from more traditional devices?

Beyond the keyboard dock, Apple revealed a protective case for their new device, dubbed the iPad Case. Although, while the attractive leather holder may protect the iPad from the elements, it also handily doubles up as a stand. The case can be used in a variety of positions which make propping the device in a position that suits your needs super easy. For example, propping it up to watch your favorite movie.

Following the keynote, Apple’s official website updated with additional accessories. These included a dock, without the aforementioned keyboard attached, a camera connection kit, which offers two ways to get your digital images on your iPad and a USB power adaptor. The full range of accessories can be seen in more detail on Apple’s site now.