Will the iPad Kill the Kindle? In a Word, Yes

Om is drooling over the iPad at the moment, getting ever more excited about the feel and capabilities of Apple’s (s aapl) new device. His thesis is that the Amazon (s amzn) Kindle is dead thanks to the rich media capabilities of the iPad as well as the full software-based keyboard. Oh yeah, and there’s all those apps Apple already has in its App Store, which put the Kindle’s platform efforts to shame.

The iPad already delivers some of the stellar features the Kindle does in order to make that a dedicated e-reader (and as such, better than your smartphone), such as a long battery life and a bigger screen, but instead of offering it in black and white, it offers it in color, complete with rich media. It’s like comparing Kansas and Oz. That rich media experience will change the way organizations deliver their content in that it will allowing them to include video, interactive charts and all sorts of other fun things. The price for rocking your media world? At the low end, an iPad with Wi-Fi will set you back $499, but if you’re willing to splurge there’s a version with more memory and a data plan (that’s extra) for $829. It will be available starting in late March.

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