Anyone But Me Anything But Unpopular with 2.2M Views, Gilmore Girls Star Joining Cast

Its characters may live in a state of emotional turmoil, but life has been good for teen ensemble drama Anyone But Me since its second season premiere on

The show has racked up a total of 2.2 million views across all of its distribution partners, including over 560,000 views on since December — making it the most popular drama in the company’s history. “We’re talking about views per month over time.  They don’t just have a lot of views.  They have a lot of viewers.  Their audience, which continues to grow, is in this for the long haul,” said Eric Mortensen,’s director of content development, via email.

And creators Susan Miller and Tina Cesa Ward are still finding new ways to bring in fans, including guest stars. Liza Weil, memorable to Gilmore Girls fans as Rory’s nemesis Paris Geller, will begin a multi-episode arc this February as pregnant psychiatrist Dr. Glass.

Weil first worked with Miller in a theater workshop, where she met her now-husband Paul Adelstein — and Miller performed their wedding ceremony in 2006. She was also a follower of the series and was excited to get involved; “It was a lot of fun and truly an honor to be a part of something I’m a fan of. There was nothing discernible in the experience that made it obvious that it was a web series — it was just like filming any other thing filled with great people,” she said via phone.

One key demographic that Anyone But Me has attracted is the daytime soap opera audience, which has in recent years become an underappreciated yet powerful market for web video. Miller attributes this to the show’s economy, which “demands that we develop and nurture an instant and deep connection to the lives of our characters and their struggles,” she said via email. “With daytime television waning, and scripted drama in serious jeopardy on network TV, a character driven show like ours fills a need.”