Mobile Firefox for Android in February? Nope.

UPDATE: We’ve been anxiously following Mobile Firefox for a long time. The mobile version of the web browser has also been known as Fennec for most of that time. While this mobile version of Firefox has already hit some platforms as both early alpha versions and release candidates, Android owners were understandably excited when Mozilla confirmed a version for their platform was under construction. Now it is being reported that there may not be very long to wait, as Mobile Firefox for Android (s goog) may appear as soon as next month.

Mozilla is keeping mum on when the Android version may be released, but let’s hope this rumor pans out. Mobile Firefox should bring some welcome features to Android including bookmark syncing with the main Firefox and screen panning.

Mobile Firefox already has some cool features that should make mobile browsing a great experience. Take a look at this from Mozilla:

  • The Awesome Bar searches your history, bookmarks and tags to go to your favorite sites instantly
  • Share your Firefox preferences, history, and bookmarks between your desktop and mobile
  • Add-ons to make your browser your own
  • Tabs that let you browse multiple sites at once
  • One-touch bookmarking to quickly organize websites

There are other mobile browsers for the different phone platforms that have some of these features, that’s not new. But hey, this is Firefox.

UPDATE: Our friends at Android Central were a bit surprised by this rumor of a February launch as we were. They asked Mozilla if this was accurate and got the kibosh put on it directly:

Android is on our mobile road map, but the German reports were a bit exaggerated. The Android version of Fennec is not yet in alpha so “on the way” is premature.

It’s a tribute to how badly folks want to get Mobile Firefox up and running when rumors like these get bandied about.