Mozilla’s Weave Sync Tool Hits Version 1.0, Aims for Firefox Users

After spending years in beta, Mozilla’s Weave synchronization tool is finally out in a new version 1.0. Installable as a free extension for Firefox, Weave synchronizes your bookmarks, saved passwords, browsing history and open browser tabs — keeping all your personal data encrypted.

I’ve been taking Weave for a spin, and have found it to be very intuitive. As is true of XMarks, which works with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari — but concentrates primarily on syncing browser bookmarks — Weave is likely to be especially appreciated by users who want to keep passwords, preferences and personal data uniform across multiple devices. The more mobile devices you use, the more you’ll like it. Weave is available in Firefox through the Tools menu, as seen below.

Once you install Weave (you need Firefox 3.5 or greater), you need to sign in and create an account, after which preferences you save will be stored in the cloud. For those who balk at having personal information stored online, there is an option for setting Weave up on a local server.

If you, as I do, favor Firefox (or the Fennec browser from Mozilla), Weave is likely to become your synchronization tool of choice, as it’s especially attuned to preferences that you set in the browser. According to Mozilla’s post announcing it, “future releases of Weave Sync will add support for synchronizing your browser add-ons, search plugins and other customizations and ultimately everything that makes your Firefox and Web experience personal.”