Linden Lab Buys Social Network Avatars United

Second Life-parent Linden Lab has bought up Avatars United, an online community for avatars, as part of an effort to improve what it calls the “social glue” of Second Life. On Avatars United, users register their avatars from various virtual worlds (including Second Life), write up their bios, and share virtual exploits.

In a blog post, Linden Lab CEO Mark Kingdon says that many users who abandon Second Life say they leave “because they (have) a hard time finding people to hang out with” and that the company hopes Avatars United will help fix that problem. Kingdon says the company will be “looking at the best way to create new services for Second Life around some of the sharing and networking tools that Avatars United has to offer.”

No financial details were released. Second Life made two small acquisitions last summer, buying up virtual goods trading sites XStreet SL and OnRez.