LinkedIn Offers Users Increased Control Over Profiles

As of today, according to the LinkedIn Blog, users of the popular career-oriented social network can rearrange the order in which elements appear in a member’s profile — the page on the site that displays information about one’s background.

In the past, profiles have been structured like standard résumés, with elements appearing in fixed order: a header, a text summary, optional applications like blog links, experience, education, recommendations, and an “additional information” section with web links, awards and such.

Now, when you click on “Edit Profile,”you’ll see a four-way arrow to the left of the section names. Drag it to rearrange the sections. Check out the video to see how it works.


This will be a boon to students, who may wish to make their educational backgrounds more prominent, as well as to entrepreneurs and career changers, who may wish to highlight other parts of their backgrounds besides their “day jobs.”

LinkedIn plans to offer more enhancements to LinkedIn profiles soon.

Will you rearrange your LinkedIn profile? What other editing abilities would you like to see on the site?