Mobile Content Bits: Thumbplay Adds Content Deals; mOcean On NOW; Check-Ins For Haiti

Thumbplay Signs 20 New Content Providers: New York-based Thumbplay now has 8 million tracks licensed for its new music subscription application. It recently added 20 new content partners, including Beggars Group, Merge Records, Redeye Distribution and Tunecore. The app only works on BlackBerrys and is invitation only, but its scheduled to launch in the next two months and will be available on Android, iPhone and more BlackBerrys. [Release.]

News Over Wireless network gets local ads: The News Over Wireless network of mobile properties, which includes mobile sites and applications for ABC (NYSE: DIS), CBS (NYSE: CBS), FOX and NBC local affiliates, as well as independent television stations, said it will start monetizing their sites with the help of mOcean Mobile’s publishers platform. The deal will allow NOW to sell their own advertising. In September 2009, Mojiva created the mOcean subsidiary. [Release.]

Check-ins for Haiti: Check-in services, like Loopt, Gowala and Foursquare have become very competitive, and now they are tugging at your heartstrings. Every time you check-in at Chipotle, Panera Bread, or Whole Foods around the country, Loopt will donate $1 towards the Haiti earthquake relief. Half of the proceeds from the check-ins will be given to the American Red Cross and the other half will be donated to Doctors Without Borders. Gowala has responded by launching a more limited campaign called