How To Get Amazon Unbox Movies on a Windows Mobile Phone

Somehow, I missed the fact that Amazon’s (s amzn) Video On Demand service supports mobile devices. Shame on me because I’m using the service on my computers and my HDTV. I simply never thought about taking the content with me for viewing on a handheld but Windows Mobile Thoughts got me thinking about it. In my defense, Amazon’s supported devices page only shows three devices: two from Nokia and one of the ARCHOS Internet Media Tablets. But after another click, I do see this from Amazon — “Most Plays for Sure compliant portable video players will work with the Unbox Video Player.”

So it turns out that you can cram that content into more devices than I thought. And instead of using another third-party application to encode the media files for your handset, Simple Mobile review says you basically just need to check a box when downloading media from Amazon. In the the Amazon Unbox Player for Windows (s msft) PCs, there’s an option to grab a portable video file in addition to the full-sized one. Once you have the file, it’s only a matter of hitting the Devices tab in Amazon’s software and clicking the transfer button. The media file is sent to your Windows Mobile phone with no muss or fuss.

I don’t have a Windows Mobile device to test out the simple process, but I’m betting that some of our readers have already been toting around Amazon videos, so let us know what the content quality is like. I’d be curious to know which video file format Amazon uses, the video resolution, bit rate and such!

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