GetJar Rides App Store Trend: Carphone Warehouse Uses Its New White Label Services

If all this world needs, it is a few more mobile application stores. GetJar is now letting carriers, retailers and other companies, launch a store using its catalog of thousands of applications. One of the first to use the white label service is The Carphone Warehouse, the mobile phone retailer in Europe.

The app store will be part of Carphone Warehouse’s new customer portal called My Hub, which is available online and on the phone to those who sign up. Eventually, Carphone Warehouse will embed My Hub directly on to the phone.

Lithuania-based GetJar, which also has offices in the UK and Silicon Valley, has accumulated a collection of more than 60,000 mobile applications that work on a variety of handsets and platforms in more than 200 countries. It is now leveraging that collection to launch the App Catalogue Express (ACE), a white label service for other carriers. In the case of Carphone Warehouse, GetJar worked with Spare Backup, a cloud-computing company, to create the app store.

Prior to launching ACE, GetJar built similar stores for partners, including Sony (NYSE: SNE) Ericsson’s PlayNow Arena app store, and also Vodafone (NYSE: VOD), 3UK, Virgin France and Opera Mini. GetJar’s Founder and CEO Ilja Laurs: “The demand for apps has soared over the past year. Many operators and other third parties are keen to introduce an app store, without needing to manage the back office infrastructure.”

GetJar said it will generate revenue indirectly from brands, content owners and developers that will pay for better visibility. GetJar gets paid by the developer when the apps are downloaded. All of GetJar’s apps are free.