Dropbox Cloud App Headed to Android, BlackBerry Handsets

Last year, Dropbox introduced an iPhone app to the masses for easy access to stored data in the cloud. With the software, you can snap pics with an iPhone (s aapl) and have the images shot up online to your Dropbox web account. In turn, that automatically synchronizes any other computers you have running Dropbox, so the pics are available there too. And that’s just one example of the software functionality — you can also share file links, download files for offline access and sync videos as well.

Dropbox recently tipped their hand about an application for Android (s goog) and BlackBerry (s rimm) handsets, although I missed the memo. The guys at Geek.com received the news as did other Dropbox users. Although there’s no firm date on when these two mobile platforms will see the application, Dropbox say that “more mobile magic is coming soon.”

I wonder if the Dropbox team is attending Mobile World Congress, which kicks off on February 15? That would set the stage for a nice Android and BlackBerry coming out party, no? Of course, if the Dropbox is team is still looking for feature requests, I’d love to see the new application support music playback of files stored online. I use that functionality in the ZumoDrive application, which offers a similar service to Dropbox.

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