iPad Launch Spawns a Tablet AppFund

In the hopes of another platform gold rush, today comes word that there’s already an “AppFund” for developers looking to make applications for the iPad (s AAPL) and other tablets. The New York City-based AppFund doesn’t have quite the resume of the Kleiner Perkins-backed and Apple-supported iFund, but it’s jumping in at a time when tablets are top of mind. The “multimillion-dollar” fund will be led by CNET (s CBS), E! Online, IFILM and Fox Broadcasting Co. co-founder Kevin Wendle, along with Music Nation, Original Signal and Fabric Group┬áco-founder Daniel Klaus.

Wendle and Klaus are currently accepting applications for release this summer, including apps ported from the iPhone and ones from outside the U.S. They are promising $5,000-$500,000 per investment. A list of what they’re looking for includes most everything but the kitchen sink: enterprise and small business apps, collaborative entertainment consumption, content distribution, social networking, location-based connections including shopping, and everyday utilities.

Developer funds and bounties come along with any good platform these days; other examples include the Android Developer Challenge (s goog) and Facebook’s fbFund. And meanwhile, the KPCB iFund, which has been around for a while, is a $100 million project with only six public investments — it’s safe to assume it will soon be updating its criteria to include development for the iPad as well.

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