Sponsor Post: mpx Beta Simplifies Video Management and Publishing

More consumers are watching Internet video than ever before. How can media companies take advantage of larger audiences, longer viewing times and more monetization options without being overwhelmed by video management complexity?

thePlatform’s new mpx Beta is designed to help video publishers adapt to the changing broadband video landscape faster and more efficiently. mpx Beta provides all the scalability, flexibility and industrial-strength video management capabilities you’ve come to expect from thePlatform, but adds a new layer, one that promises increased efficiency, simplicity and adaptability.

Media producers and editors using mpx Beta’s completely redesigned interface can manage large content libraries more efficiently with personalized workflows. And they can speed through the publishing process with powerful and adaptive Publish Profiles that can be applied to any media object with just one click.

Take advantage of the increasing opportunities in online video. Contact thePlatform today to see our new mpx Beta system at work.