Video: Harry Evans on Future of Journalism, Newspapers and His “Love” for Murdoch

Sir Harold Evans, or Harry Evans as he is more commonly known, gave a great talk earlier this week at DeSilva & Phillips’ Media Dealmakers conference here in NYC. Funny, pensive, direct, and tweetworthy with every sentence. He was interviewed by Chrystia Freeland, US managing editor of Financial Times. You have to watch this one in full.

Some of his choice lines which I live tweeted from his lunch talk:
— It is so much easier to be a journalist these days; piece of cake
— Disappointed that newspapers are cutting investigative journalism. They don’t do journalism at all these days.
— Quoting someone: news is what someone wants to suppress; rest is all advertising.
— Don’t blame the web for lazy journalism
— The heterogeneity in journalism has disappeared; it us all homogeneous now with journalism schools and other institutions.
— Rupert is doing brilliantly with WSJ. I find it a very stimulating paper. The previous management was inept.
— It is no use printing the truth once. You just have to persist.


P.S.: They gave away signed copies of his new book, My Paper Chase, at the conference. Digging into it now, and digging reading it…