Holidays Don’t Slow Online Video Viewing in December

People that watch online video — and there are more and more of them every month — didn’t let the holidays get in the way of their viewing over the course of December. According to recent research from comScore (s SCOR), US online video viewing continued to reach record levels that month, with consumers watching more online video than ever before.

More than a billion videos were viewed online every day in December, according to comScore, with a total of 33.2 billion viewed over the course of the month. The number of online video viewers continued to rise, with 178 million tuning into video programming, representing about 86 percent of all Internet users. And the amount of time that they’re watching those videos continues to increase, to an average viewing time of 4.1 minutes, as opposed to 3.2 minutes in the previous year.

About 40 percent of all videos viewed during the month — 13.2 billion — were watched on Google (s GOOG) sites, the vast majority of which were on YouTube. Hulu continued to place second, raking in more than 1 billion video views itself for the first time ever, giving it a 3.0 percent market share. Microsoft Sites (s MSFT) ranked third, with 561 million views, followed by Fox Interactive Media (s NWS) (551 million views) and Yahoo! Sites (s YHOO) (539 million views).

What’s even more interesting is looking at how many videos users watched on each site, particularly YouTube and Hulu. According to comScore, 178 million online video viewers watched an average of 187 videos during the month of December. Of those, viewers on average watched about 100 videos on YouTube during the month. Viewers watched about 23 videos on Hulu in December, as that site continues to gain traction with long-form premium video content.

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