Mobclix and Nielsen Ink Mobile Ad Targeting Data Deal

Mobclix has struck a deal to integrate Nielsen’s ad targeting data into its mobile ad exchange, the two announced today, the latest effort to deliver highly targeted mobile ads. The pact allows Mobclix to resell Nielsen’s PRIZM and ConneXions products, which slot consumers into more than 150 segments based on lifestyle and usage patterns. Marketers will be able to target pitches based on a user’s age and gender as well as location, spending power and tech savviness — features that will give advertisers more confidence in a market where hard data is difficult to access.

Detailed user information has become increasingly valuable in mobile, where an explosion in the number of mobile apps has led to a glut of advertising inventory in the industry over the last 18 months, forcing CPMs (cost per thousand ad impressions) down. So app developers and content owners are scrambling to find ways to boost the value of mobile ads in order to ramp up ad revenues. Mobclix claims its new partnership with Nielsen will enable developers and publishers to produce CPMs that are 20-100 percent higher than the market at large.

Mobclix offers mobile analytics that provide developers with information about how consumers use their mobile applications, and the company claims a penetration rate of 85 percent across iPhone and iPod touch (s aapl) unique devices. The Palo Alto, Calif.-based startup is vying for a chunk of a mobile advertising market that will generate $13 billion in revenues by 2013, according to Gartner, as smartphones and flat-rate data plans become more affordable for mainstream consumers. The space still faces substantial hurdles, from a lack of performance metrics to consumer privacy concerns, but providing more detailed information about individual consumers will surely help entice advertisers to invest more heavily in mobile.

Images courtesy The Nielsen Company.