All About the Nokia N900 — a Roundtable Podcast

Although I’ve focused on my Google Nexus One (s goog) for the past month, I have been swapping my SIM card into the evaluation Nokia N900 handset time and again. The device shows off a solid smartphone foundation for Nokia and I’m excited to see what Maemo 6 will bring in the second half of 2010. The browsing experience is outstanding, regardless of whether I use the native MicroB browser or the new Firefox Mobile client. I tend to stick with the native browser mainly because I see better performance and I can live without the extensibility of Firefox. Nokia also offers stellar contact integration with both VoIP and chat services in the N900 — other platforms could learn a thing or two here. But these are just my thoughts — other folks have excellent opinions of the N900 experience too.

Yesterday, I got to hear some of those opinions — as well as offer my own — in a roundtable podcast devoted solely to the Nokia N900. Jose Ortiz astutely moderated the TDL Mobile Show that hosted both myself and Lisa Gade. Lisa is a driving force behind a site I’ve followed for years — MobileTechReview. If you’re not already reading or subscribing via RSS, I think you’re missing out. Even if you’re not up to adding another site to your daily reading, I’d still check out Lisa’s detailed review of the Nokia N900 from mid-December.

In the roundtable, Jose, Lisa and I provide thoughts central to what anyone considering the N900 might want to know. From the out-of-box experience, to Maemo 5 as a platform to the pros and cons of the hardware, we hit it all during our discussion. I enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the podcast, and I hope you give it a listen to get varying viewpoints on Nokia’s latest and greatest smartphone.

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