Revision3’s Co-Op Goes Live at 4 PM PST Today

Live streams of major cultural events over the last year have helped make the format an important part of the online video world. But is there opportunity there beyond sharing Obama’s inauguration or Michael Jackson’s funeral with the world as they happen? Revision3 is hoping to find out tonight with its video game commentary series CO-OP, which will make the transition from a pre-shot discussion to a live web broadcast.

The first live streamed episode, which will not go for longer than an hour, will begin at 7 PM EST/4 PM PST, a time chosen, according to VP of Programming and Production Ryan Vance, because “It’s a good time to catch people at home on the East Coast and at the end of their work day on the West Coast,” he said via email. “Since we’re streaming live, we wanted to see how viewing habits shape up based on whether people will watch it at home or potentially as they wind up their work day.”

While Rev3 has experimented with live streamed programming before, those previous examples were standalone incidents — this is the first time one of their series will be produced live on a regular weekly basis. During the show, the audience will be encouraged to chime in on Twitter to CO-OP‘s rebranded account (@COOP_Live) and some questions and comments will be addressed live “on the air.”

Watching past episodes of the show, it’s clear that its format of the Area 5 Media-produced show, which is structured around free form conversations about the world of gaming on mobile, PC, and console platforms, has potential to work in a live streamed format. The one drawback is that a lack of editing might keep the discussion from feeling as tight as it does when shot in advance.